A personalised tour of Hasselt with OWSH!

Last week I was invited by Karolien of OWSH for a walk through Hasselt. As you know me, I love to be a tourist in my own city so I couldn’t possibly say no to this offer. We were welcomed at Hasselt Hotspot Boulebaar with  yummie PEAS bites and of course a red velvet latte for me! After a chat about OWSH we conquered the weather and went for a walk.


Since a few weeks Karolien offers ready made walking- and biking tours in our city. On top of that you can also have your own tour personalised according to your own interests. Sounds like an amazing concept, doesn’t it? I was excited to learn more about it.


Karolien told me that she thought this was something Hasselt was missing: “For me walking and biking are my passions, it’s about all I do! I have a dog. And one of the big things I was missing in Hasselt was a walking tour by places where my dog was allowed. So that’s one of the tours I offer now.” But that’s not it. Are you interested in food? Karolien has the tour for you. Are you interested in beer? Karolien has the tour for you. Are you visiting Hasselt with kids? Karolien has the tour for you. You can see where this is going, right guys? Whatever your interests are, Karolien will figure out a tour for you!

Most of the tours are outlined for you before your visit but if you would like a guided tour, Karolien is also available. “But I don’t want to be portrayed as a guide,”  she tells me, “I’m a local who will show you my city, the city that I love, through my own eyes and experiences. I want to be your hostess, not your tourguide!”

On our walk she took us through some of her favorite alleyways in Hasselt and I must be honest, I didn’t know all of them! I could definitely see how much she enjoys being a hostess, it’s like Karolien was born to do this!

So this weekend it’s the Jeneverfeesten in Hasselt and Karolien is organising a special Jenevertour through the city with cityguide Ann Valvekens. It’s bound to be a unique experience so make sure you sign up!

During the shopping weekends before Christmas (8,9,10/12 and 15,16,17/12) you can also find Karolien in her OWSH pop-up at Boulebaar.

Thanks Karolien for the wonderful tour and for being the perfect hostess for Hasselt!

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Would you like to know more about OWSH? You can follow them on FacebookInstagram or have a look at the website!


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