Hasselt hotspot: Boulebaar

Two weeks ago I was invited by the lovely Joni and Pieterjan from Boulebaar for their sunday brunch. Of course a bruch enthousiast like myself couldn’t possibly turn this offer down. Here’s an impression of this wonderful Sunday morning…

What better way to start of a brunch than with a mimosa?

Foto 19-08-17 17 40 29

Talking to Joni and Pieterjan I learned that they got their inspiration for Boulebaar from their working holiday year in Australia! Yayyy!!! So at their brunch buffet you can find avocado, lots of vegetables and fruits aaaand shaksuka! Shak-whattaaa you might think? Shakshuka is a very popular egg dish in Australia but it’s originally from the Middle-East. Eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce, what’s not to love??


Cheesecake for breakfast, yes please.  Not just your ordinary cheesecake but the vegan cheesecake from PEAS! I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years that there’s no cheese in that cheesecake, honestly soooo good!


And to top off the whole brunch experience I tried their Red Velvet Latte. It’s the prettiest latte I have ever seen and … there’s no coffee in it! Good for me as cafeine makes me a litte (more) crazyyyy.


So people I can definitely recommend brunch at Boulebaar! Since that sunday I have been back in the evening to try their bites (also yummmm btw). And I have made a reservation for brunch again this sunday, yep I’m addicted! Thanks Joni and Pieterjan, being at Boulebaar and talking to you guys takes me right back to the land of Oz. “A flat white, please…” 🙂



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