Brick Lane: a vintage lover’s paradise!

brick lane

London is a wonderful city. I try to visit at least once a year. And when I go one of my favorite places to shop is Brick Lane. With one vintage shop next to the other it truly is paradise for me! So today I will take you on a little tour!

Rokit Vintage

One of the oldest and most famous vintage shops is Rokit Vintage. They’ve been around since 1986 and started out in Camden. Now they have three stores in Londen, Brick Lane and Covent garden besides Camden, and a webshop. Cool fact: they make handbags and backpacks from old recycled leather jackets!

Here’s some of the outfits I bought at Rokit:

Vintage basement

At Vintage Basement I found the coolest coat! It’s the fake furry one in the pic below. Made me feel very gangsta trash and I loved it but I did not buy it!!! I wasn’t quite sure about the coat so I thought I’d come back for it but ended up not having enough time. My biggest regret!!! I did buy a nice dress there though…

Brick Lane Vintage

My favorite jacket of all time I found at Brick Lane Vintage. I saw it, tried it on, wasn’t sure (story of my life!), went for a walk but did go back for this one. My husband ended up buying some cool Iceberg and Versace shirts.

Brick lane vintage

The old Truman brewery

The Old Truman Brewery  is like a city by itself. It’s got shops, markets, bars and restaurants. One of the cool vintage markets is KEEKA Sportswear . They put handmade embroidery on vintage jeans shirts and sweaters. They have such cool designs, I love it!! Giuseppe bought the most awesome shirt here!

After all this vintage shopping you ought to be hungry so make sure you stop at The Boiler House Food Hall , which is also located at The Old Truman Brewery, for a snack. Eating there feels like taking a trip around the world: from falafel to quesadillas, you can find it all there.

Brick Lane Market

If you’re visiting Brick Lane on a Sunday you’re in for an extra treat. Sunday is the day of the Brick Lane Market, a flea market where you can find almost anything! And there’s some great food stalls too!

Brick Lane market

So who wants to go to London after reading this?? Even if you don’t like vintage shopping, Brick Lane is also great for people watching. With a mix of weird and wonderful, you’ll never be bored, I promise!

Enjoy! xoxo


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