My Favourite Lunch Spots in Hasselt!

As Hasselt is ‘The Capital of Taste’ it is no surprise Hasselt is  also a foodie’s paradise! In the past few years the city has grown from the traditional brasseries to hip, modern-day eateries. There are lunch spots popping up everywhere and of course I have to try them all! So here’s some of my favourites:

Quiche Café

The first ones to serve bagels in Hasselt! Not just the plain cream cheese bagels. No, at Quiche Café they make fabulous bagel variations for everyone’s taste.  As the name suggests, Quiche Café doesn’t only serve bagels but also makes delicious quiches. As a vegetarian I suggest you try the Casablanca bagel. Grilled eggplant, rocket salad, sundried tomatoes and of course my favourite ingredient: houmous!! You can never go wrong with houmous! Located at the Botermarkt, it’s also very nice to sit outside in summer!


Zuppa soupbar

Right next door from Quiche Café there’s another Hasselt foodie hotspot. If you love soup you honestly cannot go wrong at Zuppa! If you don’t like taking risks (like my husband) just order the classic tomato soup with meatballs. But if you would like to be a little more adventurous make sure you order one of the specials!! There’s always several vegetarian options available. A little fun fact is that Zuppa owner Heleen writes her own blog. Very fun to read so here’s the link: Soepsimpel. Mind you it’s written in Flemish!



At Bruut there’s a new lunch menu every week. Three out of four dishes on the menu are vegetarian so it’s like heaven for me! The inspiration for their food seems to come from all over the world so having lunch there feels a little like travelling. It’s all healthy and fresh. On top of all that it’s also located in my favourite street in Hasselt, Dorpsstraat! Make sure you try the homemade icetea, it’s delicious! Oh, and from 18h they start serving cocktails so if you stay there long enough after lunch you can go straight to those!


Het SmaakSalon

Het SmaakSalon serves lunch dishes made with local ingrediënts. From salads to soups to pastas to pies, there’s something for everyone! But my favourite at Het SmaakSalon is the salad with chickpea croquettes (which are really just falafels right???). It’s served with a salsa of paprika and is absolutely divine! Located at the historic building Huis de Corswarem it’s a must do whenever you’re in Hasselt.


Taglio Pizza & Pasta

Just yummy pasta and pizza at Taglio! I took my italian husband and sister-in-law there and they expert approved the pasta. It’s a simple setting but the food is genuinely great! Perfect for a quick lunch. And it’s great value for your money too as most pasta’s cost around 10 euros. There are several vegetarian options available. Buonossimooooo!!


Botanique Burger & Salad Bar

All the burgers at Botanique are homemade. Over 15 different options with 4 vegetarian and even 1 vegan burger! With names like Pepperazzi, Hot Chick and Fab falaffel you just know you’re in for a treat. And of course that last one is my favourite as it’s a chickpea burger with houmous!!! Chickpea overdose!  If you still have room for more after that burger check out their deserts. I just adore the Sweet Sweet Hasselt tiramisu!!



Best croques in town! At Copain they give the classic ham and cheese croque a new twist. Their Happy Haloumi makes me happy! It’s a croque with grilled vegetables and of course… houmous!! Maybe the title of this post should’ve been “Where can you eat food with houmous in Hasselt”?? After eating a delicious croque make sure you also try the chocolate and coconut tea… Yes this does exist!!


De Sladerij

A no-nonsense lunchbar in Hasselt, that’s what their website says. And De Sladerij is just that indeed. One of the healthiest lunch-spots on this list as you can go there and compose your own salad. Wether you’re a vegetarian or not, just add whatever you want. It’s the only place where I can eat a salad and genuinely feel full (and I’m a big eater!). Besides salads they also serve other healthy foods like soup and yummy banana cookies!


Writing this post has made me hungry! I hope it makes you hungry too so you can come to Hasselt and have some lunch with me! See you soon!! xxx



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