Beach Day 1: A Roadtrip down the Sardinian Coast (Sardinia pt 4)

Sardinia has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, most of them very accessible by car. So it’s no surprise that we took our little Fiat Panda and explored a small part of the Sardinian coast. It’s a big island so we limited ourselves only to the Province of Carbonia-Iglesias. On this road trip we drove north from the city of Carbonia, where our hotel was located.

The distances on this part of the map are all from Carbonia.

The first beach we stopped at was Porto Paglia/Punto s’Arena. It’s a long and wide stretch of sand. Perfect for romantic walks on the beach!

We chilled here for a few hours and then jumped back in our little Panda to continue our journey. Next stop was Masua, a beautiful little bay from where you can see the Scoglio Pan di Zucchero, litteraly translated Sugarloaf Rock. The beach was packed!! Of course it was a hot saturday in July, and all the locals go to the beach on hot saturdays in July! I have dubbed this beach “the hipster beach”. It had a cool hipster bar, which served falafel (yay for me as I’m a falafel addict!), and lots of cool young people and men with beards. Thence “the hipster beach”.

As Masua was too crowded for our liking we hopped back in our Panda in search for a quieter beach. We came across Cala Domestica, a much less crowded little bay but equally beautiful! Not only gorgeous views looking towards the sea but also behind us with mountains and sanddunes.

My curious soul made us take a little hike on the rocks which led to an even more beautiful and peaceful bay. We had found the perfect little beach!

The views while driving were equally gorgeous as the beaches we stumbled upon. Travel is not about the destination, it’s about the journey!

On our way back we watched one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen at Nebida.

The perfect ending to a perfect day!


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