The Loneliness of a Traveller

You may think by reading the title that this post is about how lonely travelling from one place to the other is. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong…

As a self proclaimed traveller I have never felt lonely while travelling. Travelling makes me feel alive instead. It makes me feel connected to strangers who share the same ideas and interests. No, the loneliness hits when I come back home from that beautiful trip, after the excitement of seeing my family and friends again fades.

They will ask me about my travels. They’ll ask about the weather and the food. And I try to answer those questions but the truth is they will never ever understand what it was like, how it was so much more than nice weather and good food. They don’t understand that I didn’t merely go on a ‘holiday’. I travelled. I explored strange places and cultures. I broadened my horizon and fed my soul. They’ll tell me: “You didn’t get much of a suntan!”. Then I realize they have no idea.

And that’s when the loneliness hits me and the wanderlust kicks in again. So I start planning my next trip…


“Travelling. It gives you a home in a thousand strange places, then leaves you a stranger in your own land.” Ibn Battuta


4 thoughts on “The Loneliness of a Traveller

  1. I hate that suntan-statement! My skin is so pale it wouldn’t tan if I spent a year lying on the beach so I get it a lot. As if that was what travelling was about.

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