Horse riding in Sardinia (Sardinia Pt 3)

The best way to explore an area is on a horse. You have a different viewpoint sitting on a horse, the pace isn’t too fast so you can take in the views, you can go to places you wouldn’t normally be able to go to and you feel completely one with nature. So when I saw the opportunity to do a horse trek in Sardinia I didn’t think twice about it!

At Maneggio Sulcis we were greated by Candido and his son Manolo, owners of the maneggio. Manolo was the one to take us out on the tour. I got a horse named Picchio which means woodpecker. In reality, Candido told me, he was more of a tartaruga, which means turtle!

And off we went through the orchards and fields. I was a bit hard for Picchio the tartaruga to keep up with the other two but with a lot of kicking and hard work we were able to catch up with them at times. Our tour went on to the Saline of Sant’Antioco, beaches covered in salt. We went straight through the water on our horses. Candido told us that the reason why all the food tasts better in Sardinia is because the soil is so salty. He’s a very proud Sardinian. They also use the salt to cook, he had a big pot standing on the counter.

We didn’t have to bother bringing our phones or cameras on the tour. Manolo wasn’t only our tourguide but also our personal photographer! He doesn’t need his hands to ride his horse! Giuseppe asked him if this was his only job. “Non è un lavoro, è una passione!”, he asnwered, it’s not a job, it’s a passion. What a great way to earn a living!

After the tour they offered us a shot of home-brewed mirto. Mirto is a local liquor like limoncello but made of blueberries instead. I liked it better than limoncello! While drinking our shot of mirto the conversation went to the dangers of terrorism currently in Europe. “But here in Sardinia”, Manolo said, “we’re not afraid because there’s more sheep than people!”. This we experienced first hand when getting stuck in traffic in Sardinia…


It was a great trip with kind and hospitable hosts! They recommended us to go to the beach of Porto Pino and of course the locals know best…


Side note: beware of a serious case of bum aching after sitting on a horse for hours! It took me days to be able to walk like a normal person again!


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