Why I travel with the one I love

There’s so much written about solo travel. But I hardly read about how great it is to have someone you love to travel with and share all these amazing adventures with. I see myself as a strong and independent woman (throw your hands up at me!!) and I would be perfectly capable of traveling by myself.

But then again I like having someone to share all the impressions and experiences of travel with. There’s nothing wrong with that!  And I’m probably the luckiest person alive to have found my perfect travel companion.

I like it that he will drive for two hours to see wild horses, just because he knows I would love this. I like it that he will camp in Palm Beach (aka Summer Bay) for three days so I can watch the cast and crew from Home and Away shoot their TV show. I like how he always reminds me to grab my stuff so I don’t forget anything. I like how he carries my backpack when I’m tired sometimes. I like how he makes me feel safe in strange, unfamiliar places.

He is the reason I never get homesick. He is my home. Thank you for traveling with me, I love you…




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