Wild horses at the Giara di Gesturi (Sardinia Pt 2)

‘Wild horses, couldn’t drag me away…’ This Rolling Stones song was stuck in my head the whole day during our trip to the Giara di Gesturi. And we didn’t have a radio in our rental car so that didn’t help. I guess there are worse songs to be stuck with in your head!

The Giara di Gesturi is a plateau in the center of Sardinia. The closest village nearby is Gesturi. Giara di Gesturi is home to about 700 wild horses, the Giara horses. It is believed these horses were brought to Sardinia by Greeks or the Phoenicans thousands of years ago. The isolated location has prevented the horses from wandering anywhere else.

I’ve always dreamt of seeing horses in the wild so when I heard there were wild horses in Sardinia litteraly nothing could drag me away! We just entered Gesturi in our navigator and off we went. After a little detour in Villamar we arrived in Gesturi in the late afternoon. From the village you just drive up to the plateau until you can’t go by car anymore, it’s very well indicated. You can park your car up there and go on either by foot or rent a mountainbike.

We decided to do the hike. You can do a long hike (about 4 hours) or a short hike (about 2 hours). Because we arrived so late we did the short hike. The surroundings at the plateau was beautiful so we thought that if we saw a few horses it would just be an extra treat… But we ended up seeing so many wild horses! They’re just wandering around there, not being bothered by the hikers taking pictures of them. It was absolutely stunning!

Here are some photos of this beautiful trip:

For me this was one of the best hikes ever and I can recommend it to anyone who loves horses, or doesn’t!



2 thoughts on “Wild horses at the Giara di Gesturi (Sardinia Pt 2)

  1. Nice !
    Congrats with your blog ! (and glad that at least some people dedicate time to more in depth articles then the 3 phrases on FB ;-)) & the unlimited amount of likes ;-))

    Keep up the good work & inspiring people to travel ;-))

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