Why Ghent Festivities should be on your bucketlist

De Gentse Feesten (Ghent Festivities) is one of the biggest cultural festivals in Europe and has been taking place since 1843!! During 10 days, starting from the friday before the third sunday of July, the city of Ghent is filled with music, theatre, comedy and so much more. Here’s why I think this is something everyone should  visit at least once or once a year like me!

Music and theatre everywhere

On most festivals there’s one or more stages on which you can see artists perform. At De Gentse Feesten there’s someone performing on every corner in the city. Of course there are bigger stages and you can plan your visit around the artists you want to check out but I’d recommend to just wander around the streets of Ghent and absorb the festivities!

Trashbeatz making music on all kinds of waste
Serdi Faki Alici the beatboxer entertaining the crowds
A young man called Maarten Verbiest playing the paino beautifully

Something for everyone

It’s a festival for everyone! Young people, families with children, elderly,… Whether you like big parties (the Mardi Gras Festival this year was awesome!) or quiet breakfast concerts, there’s something to do for all.

Party at the Mardi Gras Festival

Great food

The city of Ghent has fabulous restaurants and eateries so don’t worry about being hungry! At the festival there are foodtrucks everywhere, and not just with the standard fries and burgers. Ghent is the most vegetarian friendly city in Belgium and this is very visible at the festival. There are foodtrucks with all kinds of gourmet food and most of them have vegetarian options. It’s like heaven for me!

A whole food stall with only vegetarian food!

The historical setting

You can do all the above in the beautiful historical city of Ghent! How awesome is that! Beats a grassland every time…

So who’s coming next year???




5 thoughts on “Why Ghent Festivities should be on your bucketlist

      1. Although, in fairness, the more underrated it is the better – keeps it more genuine! I’ve known many festivals and parties that have been ruined by hyped-up marketing.

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