Our eco-adventure in Fiji

In February of 2012 our working holiday in Australia was coming to an end. We were selling our van and with that money my husband and I wanted to go on a trip to Fiji. While looking at offers I found lots of resorts for mass tourism, but that’s not how I like to travel. After doing some research I found a little gem called Matava on Kadavu Island. It was slightly over  our budget, we had to take 2 planes and a boat to get there and I had to convince Giuseppe (my husband) but I was sure it would be worth it. And how it was… Here’s why:

Upon arrival we were welcomed by the staff. Someone sat down with us to make sure our week would be nothing but unforgettable. We ended up planning a hike to the village, a picnic on a deserted beach, a snorkeling trip and an introductory scuba dive.

Matava is an eco-resort but we never felt like we missed any comfort. The traditional Fijian ‘bures’ we slept in had a comfortable bed and a shower with hot water provided by a solar hot water system.

Our ‘bure’:


The view from our ‘bure’:


Most of the food came from their organic garden or fresh from the sea! A special meal was made for me every day as I’m a vegetarian, it was no trouble at all. We had our meals at a big dining table where all the guest and crew would sit together. It was such a warm experience and of course we made some great friends…

The dining area:


Kadavu is an island with hardly any roads so to get to Matava you have to take a boat. It’s a beautiful boatride on the coral blue sea… The island has it’s own coral reef, the Astrolabe Barrier Reef, which is great for snorkeling and diving. Our friends Isa and Des (who we met at Matava) convinced us to do an introductory dive, an amazing and scary experience. They were there especially for diving and even saw some Manta Rays (I was told you don’t get to see those very often while diving).

Our diving experience:


The treatments at the spa are nothing but divine. They use the Pure Fiji skincare products. On my way back to Australia I bought a whole bunch of these products, that’s how much I love them. I believe I even bought some to give to my family and friends… I haven’t had a body butter as soft and creamy since…

I can just say we had a fabulous time at Matava and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to visit Fiji! Whether you’re looking for adventure (diving and fishing) or luxury (spa treatments and private beach picnics), you will find it at Matava!

Some pics of our private beach picnic:





This was the view while hiking to the village:


This is the crew waving us goodbye when we left:



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