Backpacker Beauty Tips

I’m a girly girl. I love make-up and pretty clothes. I like things clean and tidy. And I love to travel. Not in 5 star resorts. I like backpacking, traveling around from one place to the other. So here are some tips on how to do this as a girly girl without going crazy!

The essential toiletry bag


I got this as a gift from a friend before I left for Australia. Best gift ever!! I’ve been grateful for it countless times: when I had to shower in a dirty stall and didn’t want to leave my stuff on the floor (you can hang it on the door!!), while camping in a van without amenities (it has a mirror!!), while packing my toiletries (you can fit anything in it!!), …

Since then I have paid it forward and have given this toiletry bag as a gift to many friends who left on a backpacking trip… Hope they enjoy it like I do!

Wipes, wipes, wipes

You don’t know where you’ll end up and when your next shower will be. I know it sounds like hell but it’s also backpacker reality. So you need wipes. Wipes for everything: face, body, surfaces,… This way you can feel clean without water. It’s not very environmentally friendly so I buy the ones that are biodegradable and try to use them only when needed…

Buns and braids are always a good idea


Before I went to Australia my Aussie friend Mike told me I had to cut my hair before going there. No need to tell you I would never ever do that! He, of course, was referring to the 2 minute showers which seemed impossible with my long locks. I can assure you now that it was never a problem. On occasions when I couldn’t wash my hair I would just wear them in a bun. After washing I would braid them to prevent them from knotting, which also gives you pretty waves the next day!

Never leave without your make-up


Some might think you don’t need make-up when going backpacking. Well I do! What if I want to go out at night? And I have to look good in the photo’s right? But no full make-up bag is required. I usually only bring the essentials like a compact powder (no foundation, who wears foundation when it’s 35°C!!), blush, a concealer (God knows what you might have to conceal), mascara (no eyeshadow or eyeliner, you will be wearing sunglasses most of the time anyways!!) and lipstick. I love bright red lipstick, even when I’m traveling!

Beware of the sun

Never ever save space in your backpack by leaving your sunscreen at home. No matter how full it is and how much it weighs, always bring your sunscreen!! I don’t wear anything under SPF 30. Sun exposure doesn’t only increase the risk on skin cancer, it also gives you wrinkles. And who wants those!

So does this convince all you girly girls to go on a backpacking trip??? I hope it does because it’s the best way to travel!!!


5 thoughts on “Backpacker Beauty Tips

  1. 😄😄😄 indeed completly true!! Add the eyeshadow and eyepencil for me and It will be perfect for me too! 😊 Btw… I still have your toiletry bag (indeed, best toiletry bag EVER!)… it’s still yours but simply stored at my place 🙈😂 My home is your home!

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