Bringing the world home…

I’ve made a lot of friends around the world through traveling. It’s great to know people everywhere so you can go and visit them but it’s even more awesome when they come and visit you at your home. I’ve had friends visit from Australia, the US and Brazil.

For me, whenever someone comes and visits me here in Belgium, it’s feels like traveling for me too. Just talking to them takes me on a journey.

And of course I need to show them all the local sights and fun stuff! This way I can explore my own area again. So much fun! We always wander off to places far, far away and sometimes we tend to forget what’s right under our noses…

I live in Hasselt which is a small city in Belgium. It’s the capital of our province Limburg and has about 75000 residents. A few years ago Hasselt was elected capital of taste and it lives up to that title with it’s great food, the cutest little boutiques and it’s very own fashion museum! And if you’re a breakfast/lunch/brunch lover you’re also in for a treat, but I’ll dedicate another post to that, I’m still doing research …

This is a pic of Hasselt I took early in the morning:


Then there’s Ghent, on a 90 minute drive from Hasselt. As much as I love the city I live in, Ghent will always be my favorite city in Belgium. Ghent is the capital of the province East-Flanders. With its beautiful waterways running through the city it has stolen my heart.

This is a pic taken by my sister when we were at the Ghent festival in July last year:


Living near the Dutch border we always take our foreign friends to Holland, usually Amsterdam, which is only a 2 hour drive from here. For me Amsterdam is one of the best cities in Europe, it has this amazing energy! If you’re ever on a Euro-trip and want to skip a city, never ever skip Amsterdam!! Skip Brussels if you may but never Amsterdam, always do Amsterdam!!

Here’s a pic that was taken when we visited Amsterdam with our Aussie friends:


That’s the best part of traveling: making friends everywhere you go. You’d think these friendships wouldn’t last because of the distance but I believe I’ve made some friends for life… How lucky am I!!!!


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