Friends and food around the globe


You could say I’m eating my way around the world, almost everywhere I go my day is planned around what I eat, especially on citytrips. I could go on for days about where and what to eat in different places around the world, but that’s for another post.

Today I want to write about the homecooked meals I’ve enjoyed with friends from many different countries. When I was in Australia my dear friend Minna gave me a recipe journal. On the first page she wrote: “A simple book to keep account over the years of recipes from people you have enjoyed food with… the people you have met, who have enjoyed your company.”

And that… I have done! I’ve collected recipes from friends during the year I’ve spent in Australia but also from friends who have visited me here in Belgium. And every time I look through this book or cook one of the recipes, I cherish the memories of those meals and of the friends I enjoyed them with.

The pic above is of Minna and my husband Giuseppe making pizza together.

Years ago, I believe it was in 2009, Giuseppe and I went on a trip through Greece with my Greek friend and her husband. It was a great journey visiting all the important sights in Greece and I’m still grateful to them both (thank you Sotiria and Claudio!) for dragging us along!

But the best parts of that trip were the moments spent at the homes of Sotiria’s family and the food we enjoyed there. On one afternoon Sotiria’s yaya (grandmother in Greek) made lunch for us, a delicious stew of potatoes and French beans. She’d made that dish especially because I am a vegetarian. We ate it sitting outside on yaya’s porch, and whenever I cook the yaya-beans (that’s what I call them now) it takes me back to that place and moment…


Here’s the recipe to those magic beans:

Use a big cooking pot. Stew an onion in olive oil. Add lots of juicy tomatoes cut into chunky pieces. Cut of the ends of the French beans and add to the tomatoes, if necessary add water. Peel the potatoes and cut them into big pieces, add them too. Flavor with salt, pepper and lots of dried oregano . Let it boil until the potatoes are nice and soft. Yuummmmmm!!!

This is a pic of when I made this recipe in Australia. It’s obviously not my plate as there’s a big piece of meat on it!



And this one’s an altered recipe because I’m currently on a low-carb diet, it sucks but it’s very necessary. Just leave out the potatoes and use cherry tomatoes instead of big, juicy tomatoes. For this version of the recipe you need to boil the beans in water in advance.



“All is good when there are friends and food! “ – Angela Falanga


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